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Weekend Figure Drawing

Weekend Figure Drawing


Weekend Figure Drawing

This is an uninstructed session though we are happy to discuss your drawings with you. This is a three hour drawing session to work from a live (nude) model. We will start with short 2 minute poses and work up to a 20 minute pose by the end of the session. We take a 5 minute break every 20 minutes.


Bring your own materials (no oil or acrylic paint and no sprays please.)

Important Things to Note:

Access to a sink is available for watercolor artist.
Our space is large and clean and air-conditioned.
There are seats for everyone, tables and several light weight easels.

See Schedule

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Student Review

I love the atmosphere of this class. The instructor is very welcoming and nice. They provide us with a great facility and model. It’s really fun to be able to take three hours out of my day to figure draw with other very talented artists.

V. H.
V. H.