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Dear Drawing New York Member, You are invited to study oil painting with me at The Art Students League starting September 9th, 2017. We will work together in a few ways we have not yet had the opportunity to in our drawing classes. REGISTER HERE Students will learn how to mix and use color, understand oil paint as a

We would like to thank Christopher Pugliese for an insightful, educational and entertaining lecture on artistic anatomy of the foot. You can see the image he drew live during the session. Below are the two books he recommends for studying artistic anatomy. The G. Bammes book has amazing conceptual drawings and an expert approach to

Frank Porcu Artistic Anatomy Lecture on the pelvis.  Thank you very much to Frank for two and a half impassioned hours lecturing on the pelvis. The lecture was filled with technical information as well as artistic advice. Watching Frank work is both hypnotic and inspiring. We look forward to you joining us for our next